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SECE 4000 and SEC 4000 

SEC 4000 0,4kV Distribution panels for current up to 4000 A (up to 5000 A with Cu-busbar).

SECE is TTA assembly and SEC is PTTA assembly 


Range of use
The switchboards with SEC-type frame construction are used as 0.4 kV switchgear for substations and as main switchboards for buildings. Also, SEC is proper for producing reactive power correction units. The switchboards can be used in industry, civil engineering, and especially in low-voltage assemblies of the electrical system.

The main elements of the corpus construction are perforated angle details. All primary structures, as well as side walls, base walls, rear walls, partitions, and doors are fixed to the angle framework with bolt or screw fastener. All constructional elements are made of aluminium-zinc lamina. Only doors are covered with paint (RAL 7032). With special order it is possible to get all painted external finishing. Delivery of the unit is performed as a whole, for the transportation of switchgear wider than 3 meters a location or locations where to disassemble it are determined. To vent the pressure of potential arc flame there are overpressure slots in the corpus ceilings. To prevent the spread of arc flame and for drop protection, partitions made of aluminium-zinc lamina or PC plastic lobe to separate sections and fields are used. Both aluminium and copper busbar systems are used for busbar arrangements.

Installation Systems and Measurement
SEC-type switchboards are installed on the floor with socle or in the position of a cable way. The height of the switchboard is 2300 mm, and the widths are 350 mm, 450 mm, 550 mm, 650 mm, and 1000 mm. Standard depth of the switchboard is  800 mm.

Technical Data:
Nominal voltage  690 V
Nominal current  4000 A
Short-circuit proof  65 kA
Frequency  50 Hz
Insulation > 10M'ohm
Protection category IP 2XC, IP 3XC

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