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Electrical and lighting measurements 

AS Elrato Measurement Lab is an independent accredited lab. The lab has long-term experiences since 1958.

We conduct the following measurements and inspections for up to 1000 V electrical installations:
· Measurement of insulation resistance;
· Inspection of proper functioning of protective conductors, PEN conductors, and bonding conductors at currents 0.2 A and 10 A;
· Measurement of resistance of extra bonding conductors;
· Measurement of apparent resistance of fault loop;
· Inspection of fault current protective gear;
· Measurement of earth resistance and soil resistivity;
· Voltage tests.

We conduct measurements and inspections upon applications of customers, taking account the requirements of standard documents. The application format is free. If necessary, we update the information and agree on the exact extent of measurements. The results are recorded according to procedures in written.

The payment is performed according to the price sheet, and it does not depend on deficiencies discovered or the situation of the electrical installation. If desired, we can provide you the preliminary price offer for the measurement of a specific object.