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For regular customers 

We offer an opportunity for our regular customers to enter a Customer Contract. We give an opportunity for our dependable partners to purchase on credit. To conclude a contract, please fill in the attached Customer Datasheet, and if you need credit, please fill in the Credit Application as well. Send us both forms and the copy of the B-card of the Trade Register. In case of credit request you need to enclose the Statement of Balance of the previous fiscal year as well. If more than half of the current fiscal year is over, you need to enclose the Statement of Balance of the current half-year as well. If necessary, we may request other information, and carry through additional background checks.
In the Customer Datasheet you can provide information about your authorized persons who can submit indents and receive the goods. You can find the addendums to the contract - conditions of supply and price-lists for the services at our homepage.
The forms are in Estonian only. For further information please contact us directly.

· Credit Application
· Customer Datasheet
· Conditions of Supply